23 Jul 2013

Nina Agdal will drop you in an instant

As sharp, deadly and curvy a boomerang can be, Danish supermodel and super hottie Nina Agdal is even more dangerous, because she’s back yet again, getting her sexy on and looking sultry as hell in this brand new set of swimwear photos from LeMar. Gosh, this Danish bombshell just keeps getting better by the minute! Yummy!

She’s here, doing her usual thing once again, looking ridiculously sexy and showing off her killer legs, sexy cleavage, wicked curves, and so on.. And that smile.. sweet Jesus! This post should have been published hours ago, but I just keep checking out the photos and can’t decide exactly what to write about her. I’ve said it a couple of times before and I guess I’ll just say it again.. Nina is too hot for words.

I’m hit, I’m hit! Horny guy, down! This babe’s mesmerizing and ridiculously sexy curves will hit you like a sledgehammer and drop you in just a couple of seconds; and if you don’t believe me, just check out the photos below, but be advised: hang on for your life! Holy. freaking. Batman! This babe is just too much, right?