3 May 2011

Nina Agdal was made for swimsuits and vice versa

Are you guys sick and tired of drooling over Nina Agdal‘s perfect little body? No??? Good… ’cause neither am I. Good lord, I think I haven’t been so addicted to a girl in just a couple of days ever since I’ve seen the first photos with Kate Upton showing off her bodacious curves in swimwear.

And this Danish cutie… is just as amazing as Kate, if not even better. I just can’t get her off my mind! Here’s Nina Agdal looking absolutely stunning and drop dead sexy in this new batch of photos for the One Island Thousand Colors swimwear collection from Calzedonia.

Ok, so I don’t have to say it, but I will anyways… is she ridiculously hot or what?? She’s one of the hottest babes I’ve had the privilege of drooling over lately. Seriously, just look at any one of these photos and I’m sure you’ll agree that she’s perfection. Enjoy!