27 Nov 2012

Nina Agdal looking like a stunning Danish goddess

Are you guys and gals sick and tired of seeing Nina Agdal showing off her drop dead sexy little curves in all sorts of skimpy outfits and looking like a major hottie in the process? No?? Great.. ’cause here she is doing exactly that in a brand spanking new lingerie photoshoot for Yeni Inci.

As if you guys needed more proof that Nina is perfect from head to freakin’ toe, these breathtaking shots are just another example that every photoshoot with this girl is a total sizzle fest. Even though we usually post only lingerie or swimwear shoots with her, we’ve seen a ton of photos with Nina in casual clothes and I’m telling you guys, she looks amazing in every single photo you’ll find with her, no matter what she’s wearing.

She’s hands down one of the hottest supermodels on the planet right now and one of my top10 favorite gals, which is, saying a lot, you know! Now let’s drool over these photos together.. enjoy!