15 Aug 2012

Nina Agdal just keeps getting hotter, and hotter

Holy freaking Batman !!! I can’t believe I’ve missed this photoshoot. My future girlfriend from Denmark, the adorably sexy Nina Agdal, was recently featured in a seductively hot spread in Love Cat magazine and only today I’ve found this pictorial. It’s been out there for a couple of days, waiting for my full and undivided attention, but I guess I was probably looking somewhere else.

Well, better late than never, right? Anyways… Nina Agdal is looking like her usual sexy stunning self in these photos, but the photographer was damn great to make everything look 10 times better. These are not some boring studio shots with Nina looking beyond stunning, these are the type of photos that I guess 14 year-old would hang over their beds or something. Is that too much?

Unfortunately this awesome pictorial has only eight low quality photos but we can all agree that eight LQ photos of this girl are the equivalent of many, many photos of many other supermodels. Enjoy!