13 Mar 2012

Nina Agdal in skimpy lingerie is perfection personified

Oh my, this is definitely the best way to start a casual Tuesday.. Here’s the uber cute Danish supermodel Nina Agdal looking absolutely stunning in a brand spanking new set of lingerie photos from Bare Necessities. Hot damn.. does this babe rev the engines or what !? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Nina not look hot enough to melt the entire polar ice cap.

Then again she is a supermodel, which means it’s basically her job to look ridiculously hot 24/7. This girl actually made me believe in love at first sight and I think only a few other girls managed to make me fall for ’em. Girls like Candice Swanepoel, Kate Upton or Bar Refaeli..

Anyways, I’m freaking glad this bombshell is finally getting the attention she deserves because, let’s face it, she’s freaking hot, she has a perfect little body and she loves to show it off pretty often in all sorts of drool inducing outfits so.. what’s not to love?  I still think she’s going to be my next girlfriend so.. don’t drool too much over groovy curves ok? we’re talking about my future gf here.