28 Jul 2010

Nikoletta Ralli leaves very little to the imagination

Nikoletta Ralli Max 1

Even though the Greek national day is 25th of March we’ve decided to go all Greek today since we’ve found a couple of new and relatively unknown Greek babes who definitely deserve our attention. Nikoletta Ralli is one of them, a Greek stunner who already rocked the minds of every man from her country with a tasty photoshoot for Maxim a while ago.

Back in 2005 she was crowned Miss Tourism and now I definitely understand why tourism is the biggest attraction from Greece. I’ve been there twice until now but I still haven’t found a peach like Nikoletta in Greece. In a way, it’s pretty great I haven’t found a girl like her because if I did it would have been incredibly hard to come back home.

Until a couple of months ago it was really hard to find pictures of her looking sultry and sexy other than the ones from Maxim but luckily she recently made a new screaming hot phooshoot! So… get ready because you’re about to see Nikoletta Ralli showing off her groovy little body barely wearing any clothing for the latest issue of the Greek Max magazine.