31 Aug 2012

Nicole Williams is ultra sexy and sultry in lingerie

Today is seriously lacking in the sexy celebrity babe department so.. we’ve decided to share with you guys and gals three breathtaking photoshoots of hotties who are a bit less known. Sounds pretty great, right? We’ll start the day with one of my favorite Canadian supermodels, Nicole Williams, showing off her insanely tight and sexy body in skimpy little lingerie for La Senza.

Now these photos are not exactly what I’d call ‘brand spanking new’ but, since I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen them yet, I’m gonna say they’re new. These are by far the hottest photos you’ll ever find with Nicole Williams and this is definitely the best way to get you acquainted with this girl’s hotness.

I know just a few Canadian supermodels who can make me go gaga in seconds and this peach is surely one of them. Enjoy the sizzling photos and stick around.. ’cause there’s more hotness on the way.