16 Jul 2012

Nicole Neal looking so darn adorably hot it hurts

Gosh, I really can’t think of a better way to end this day.. other than sharing with you guys and gals a couple of breathtaking lingerie shots with a girl I’m pretty sure most of you don’t even know yet. Nicole Neal is a blonde bombshell who’s quickly taking over the UK (and now the entire world) with her perfect little body and all around hotness and these pics are perfect to get you acquainted with her.

I really don’t know if I can describe how much I like this girl already.. at least not without boring you with a looong gush-fest, but I guess you’ll understand why I’m so impressed pretty soon. This girl looks absolutely stunning and, if you’ll make a quick Google search, you’ll also discover that she’s not afraid to show off her ‘goodies’ in a couple of jaw dropping pictorials for Nuts or Loaded magazine.

Anyways, we’re going to stick to ‘safe for work’ stuff here. Here’s Nicole Neal looking adorably hot and super sexy while modeling skimpy lingerie from the new collection of Ann Summers. She’s so mesmerizing in this lingerie that I’m pretty sure you’ll have something to dream about tonight.. Enjoy!