22 Oct 2012

Nicole Harrison is new for us, curvy and adorably hot!

Alright guys, in case you’re not watching Monday Night Football right now, you can gawk at this hottie until the game ends. Here’s another up and coming supermodel you probably don’t know yet, coming straight from Down Under, Nicole Harrison is an uber sweet girl who’s going to rock your world!

I’ll be honest with you guys, I was almost speechless when I’ve clicked on the first photos with this peach so.. it’s going to be pretty hard to write down a couple of words here. This girl has an amazing little body, with the right curves in all the right places, that will make you feel weak at the knees in just a matter of seconds. She’s even going to convince that love at first sight exists, which is quite an achievement, right?

Having said that, here’s Aussie hottie Nicole Harrison looking ridiculously sexy and perfect while modeling skimpy lingerie from Bare Necessities. Props to these guys for picking this girl to model their new lingerie collection. Great taste. Enjoy!