21 Aug 2017

Being Nice: One Sure Ticket To Get Lucky With Your Date

Over the years, and probably throughout the entire human history it has been an established facts that men who have a reputation of being too much assertive, aggressive, and by the book definition of a bad ass are the ones who are more appealing than those who are nice. However several studies have been conducted to prove that misconception or stereotype otherwise.

Being Nice in a date

A study conducted in the University of Guelph and in the Nipissing University asked around eight hundred individuals about their history with sex as well as how likely they were involved in charitable activities or any form of selfless act, and even small kind gestures such as assisting a person with disability cross the street or donating blood. The researchers of the study found out that those people who are kinder and altruistic have a better chance in getting laid after a date.

In another study made with the same theme, its researchers have asked five hundred respondents with regards to the frequency of their sexual participation as well as some series of questions which gauged their altruistic tendencies, and have yielded a result of those respondents who are relatively have high altruistic tendencies also have the most frequent experience of casual sex and long term relationship sort of sex.

Based on the two studies experts have concluded that the possible reason why women are strongly attracted to men who are nice might have been, historically speaking, due to the fact women are most likely to be attracted to resourceful and generous men, and that the only probable reason why some ladies like bad ass guys is because of their confidence.