26 Aug 2010

Nicci Pisarri busts out her bodacious curves

Nicci Pisarri Strobe 1

How come we’ve never heard of this peach from Florida named Nicci Pisarri until now? Oh well… better late than never, right? This girl has a groovy little body with the right curves in all the right places and until now she showed it off wearing nothing but skimpy lingerie in several issues of Strobe magazine.

From what I found about her, Nicci or Nicole is not like other models who think only about their modeling career. She’s only 23 at the moment and she’s still a full time student majoring in Interior Design. So… if you don’t have ideas on how the perfect bedroom would like maybe she could help. I’m sure she has some great design ideas and she would also look incredible in that bedroom so you get the picture.

Anyway, here is Nicci Pisarri showing off her drool inducing body in lingerie in the latest issue of Strobe Magazine. If that’s not enough to make your day, she’s also rocking the hand bra pose which will surely make you remember this girl’s name.