14 Dec 2012

New York Knicks demolish the Los Angeles Lakers

What the heck’s going on with the Los Angeles Lakers? With D12 and Nash they were supposed to be a championship or bust team but now, after a really, really, poor first quarter of the season, they’re down to 9-14 and don’t look good at all. Last night’s match-up with the New York Knicks looked like a training session for the guys from NY who dominated the game from start to finish to send the Lakers to their fourth straight defeat.

Knicks are freaking brilliant in this start of the season – they are probably the best team in the NBA right now, winning game after game and staying atop the Eastern Conference with a 17-5 record. Carmelo Anthony exploded out of the game in front of his home crowd and in just 22 minutes he scored 30 points on 10 of 15 shooting, demolishing the Lakers defense.

Unfortunately for him and for everyone who watched the game, ‘Melo went down in the third quarter and tweaked his ankle in an awkward fall that took him out of the game. Even though a lot of people said it’s too early for those MVP chants, Anthony definitely looked like a legitimate MVP candidate, despite playing just half of the game.

Fortunately for the Knicks, the lead was already huge and with spectacular perimeter shooting, good defense and intensity, they’ve managed to keep the Lakers from coming back. They’ve closed the gap, but Kobe Bryant’s efforts couldn’t prevent the game from getting out of hand.