11 Jan 2017

New Year’s Health Resolutions That You Can Follow!

It’s a brand new year which means a brand new New Year’s resolution to try to follow. Most people have the tendency to make their resolutions at the beginning of the year and then not follow them after a month or two, some may even just weeks. However, just because a lot of people do it does not mean you have to follow them as well. It’s high time you really do follow your resolution so that you can feel accomplished by the end of the year. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a lot. Take baby steps and build from there especially when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Here some New Year’s health resolutions that you can follow!

New Year's Health Resolutions

Put out that stick for good.

Although it’s easier said that done, smoking cigarettes is something you need to work on if you are aiming to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s not just all about eating healthier and exercising, it’s also that things that you put inside your body that can affect your health. Take it slow. If you smoke a pack a day, cut it by half by the end of the month and keep doing so until you can finally say that you are not a chain smoker anymore. You have to take baby steps when it comes to an addiction.

Strive for your desired weight.

The moment you see the statement “Lose Weight”, it already has an affect you and make you not even want to try. There is such a negative connotation to statements like that which makes it highly unproductive. Why not set a weight goal instead of trying to lose weight? If you want to lose a few pounds, then work hard for it not because you want to lose weight but because you desire to be whatever weight you want to be. That works for gaining weight as well.

Lessen your stress levels.

There are many ways for you to lower your stress levels. But in the end, it’s all up to you how you want to go about it. It is impossible to be stress-free especially if you work non-stop all days of the week or if you are in school, or maybe even both. It’s a part of life that you cannot control and you have to accept that. But what you can control is the way you handle it. By choosing your battles, you won’t have to be stressed about every little thing.