15 Aug 2017

New Way Of Charging Your Gadget In The Wild

When you are in the great outdoors nowadays, it is quite difficult to keep a sustainable modern day living, especially if you are the type of person who is quite modernized yourself and still are starting to get acquainted with the wild. If you ask me, (probably many purist nature trippers would strongly disagree with me) the safest bet to get yourself adopted when it is your first time to experience the wild, is by taking small baby steps by having with you some outdoor electronic gadgets that will allow you to ease your way through the wilderness.

However the problem with that kind approach though is the very fact that when you are in the wild it is quite, and well, difficult to get hooked up with a credible source of power that can recharge or juice up your device since there is no such thing available in the wild. The only things that you may find there are just pure unadulterated gifts of nature that may assist in your survival if you know what you are doing.

But lucky for you chaps some of the brilliant minds of this modern age have created an uncanny gadget that will allow you to utilize the force of a streaming water and a strong gust of wind to recharge your electronic device. This ingenious device that I am talking about here is the Waterlily Micro Turbine.

This brilliant device is quite easy to do is to hook it up into your device through its twelve foot cable that is attached to a small box that houses two USB ports that can cater to either 12V or 5V configuration. Just mount this gadget in a place where there strong wind or water flow.