21 Mar 2017

New Techniques To Get Her To Orgasm

Here’s the scenario: you can’t get her to orgasm anymore…or it’s the complete opposite. You’ve found a tried-and-tested technique that has made sex a routinary chore. Hence, you decide to turn to the internet for advice. Good choice. The internet is indeed full of information. However, here’s your problem now: the advice is repetitive and you’ve tried all of them. They just don’t work.

Techniques To Get Her To Orgasm

In this light, allow us to try and give you some new advice ahead. Enjoy!

Just cup her.

Have you ever tried just cupping her vagina? Yes, that’s right. Make out with her and just let your hand slide down little by little and just cup her there. Press down lightly to stimulate but other than that, just let your hand rest there for a while. It can develop more anticipation and heighten her arousal.

Apply pressure on her mound.

After cupping her vagina, go upwards. You know the mound where her pubic hair grows on? That’s the spot. That’s the mons pubis. Playing with her mons pubis can already start stimulating her clitoris indirectly.

Keep the panties on.

I know you’re already excited but keep the panties on. There are extra sensitive girls out there and if your partner’s one, then stimulating her while keeping her undies on might help big time. Plus, isn’t there something dirty in keeping it on? As if you’re doing something wrong and sinful and tempting and sexy?

Circle her clit.

Hold your horses brother. Okay, you can gently pull her panties down already, but as tempting to go for the home run and dip that finger in there, just wait a couple of minutes more. I promise you it’ll be worth it. Massage that circle that surrounds her clit and gently dip a bit of your finger into her. Not all the way through, just the padded part. Wait for her to water up in anticipation.

Circle in.

Finally, once you do decide to let your finger slip in, don’t just shove it up and down in there like an inexperienced teen. Linger in the opening of her ladyhood and move your finger (or fingers) in a circular motion to make her feel full.

Take your time, ask questions, and brace yourself for an orgasm of a lifetime. Good luck!