21 Jun 2013

Natasha Barnard turns us into zombies

No wonder it’s this hot. There’s a South African wind taking the world by storm, and that wind’s name is Natasha Barnard. One of the hottest girls ever decided to turn us into jelly while posing for the latest Leonisa swimwear collection, and we can’t be any happier about it!

Is she ridiculously hot or what? There’s not enough ice on the planet to cool this one off.. I’m evaporating as we speak.. or, better yet, as I type. She’s so hot, nobody even cares what she’s wearing, or from which brand. She might as well pose naked.. pretty please?! Yea, a guy’s allowed do drool dream!

This honest to God, almost perfect, hot, sexy uber cute babe is rendering us speechless with ease. And it’s equally easy for us to become horny zombies instantly! Enjoy the photos, and try not to hurt yourself in the process!