16 Jun 2011

Natasha Barnard is hotter than a freaking supernova!

Hoochie mama! Make sure no one’s around you because you’re probably going to drool like a fool when you’re gonna “read” this article. I’m pretty sure most of you guys don’t have a clue who Natasha Barnard is but… after this small little post you will all remember her name and probably every inch of her perfect little body.

She’s one of the hottest girls from South Africa and maybe one of the most beautiful girls on the planet according to the newest issue of the local FHM which ranked her on the 3rd place in their list with the 100 sexiest women in the world. That might be a bit too much from our first “date” but… wow! Is she ridiculously hot or what?

Good lord, she’s close to perfection! I’m practically speechless right now.. but who wouldn’t be when gawking at such an amazing girl, eh? I can’t believe we haven’t featured her on our site yet but these photos will surely make up for the lost time. Enjoy the photos, and try not to drool too much because I think she’s going to be my next girlfriend.

[Images via FHM South Africa]