19 Sep 2012

Nataliya Tkalina is an atomic bomb of a hottie

Alright guys, we’ll end the day with another hottie you probably don’t know yet, coming straight from Russia, meet Nataliya Tkalina, a girl who’s going to enter your minds and dreams pretty darn fast thanks to this awesome photoshoot. She looks absolutely stunning from head to toe and she loves to show off her groovy curves in skimpy lingerie, as you’re about to see right now.

I don’t know too many things about this peach either, because today was also the first time I’ve had the privilege of drooling over a couple of photos with her, but apparently her measurements are close to perfection and she oozes so much sexiness from any of these photos that it’s practically palpable.

Having said that, here’s Nataliya Tkalina making you believe in love at first sight thanks to this breathtaking lingerie photoshoot from Incanto.  Enjoy and try to remember her name from now on, ok?