12 Dec 2011

Natalia Wowczko in lingerie will make you say “Wow”!

Gosh… so I’ve done dozens on posts on Polish supermodels, consisting of hundreds of drool inducing lingerie and bikini photos and.. I guess you can say I’m a sort of Polish supermodel aficionado, right? I’ve thought we’ve featured every bombshell from that country in here but it seems there are waaay more scorching hot girls from Poland we haven’t heard of yet.

With that being said, here’s another Polish model who’s going to make you squirm in your chair, a girl who goes by the name Natalia Wowczko who loves to pose in lingerie as you’re about to see in the next minutes. Now this peach is probably the only girl I’ve heard having “wow” in her name and believe or not.. that’s exactly what your reaction will be after gawking at these photos.

So.. here’s Polish beauty Natalia Wowczko unleashing her sexiness in skimpy lingerie for the P2 collection or something like that. As you can see from any of these photos, this girl is one of the most awesome *new* hotties … perfect from head to toe.. and back up again. Enjoy and.. yeah, you’re welcome.