17 Jul 2012

Natalia Vodianova will add some spice to your life

Guess what ?? After that breathtaking post with Russian supermodel Natalia Belova we have another treat for you guys and gals… another sweetie from this country who’s also named Natalia, dropping our jaws in sexy lingerie and in swimwear as well. Are you ready for this ?? Good, ’cause I’ll go on even if you’re not..

Here’s the lovely Natalia Vodianova showing off her groovy little curves in said lingerie and in a couple of bikinis for the new collections from Etam, looking adorably hot in the process. She’s leaning more towards the hot side than the adorable side in these photoshoots and that’s mainly because of these hotness amplifying outfits.

But that cute smile makes you melt like ice cream on a hot summer day and if this photoshoot proves anything, it’s that Natalia Vodianova looks stunning no matter what she’s wearing. Enjoy the pics!