11 Sep 2012

Natalia Velez looking like her usual foxy little self

Well, well, well, look who decided to show off her awesome little body in skimpy lingerie once again; the ultra hot Colombian supermodel Natalia Velez, who hasn’t graced us with her incredible hotness in a long, long time. Holy moly.. if you ask me, this girl is actually the definition of perfection.

Her body looks like it was created after a taking a survey among men from all over the world on how the perfect woman should look like, and, any time she decides to show it off in lingerie, it’s a sign that your day is going to be pretty darn great. I don’t even know why they photoshopped some of her photos, because she’s a 10/10 knockout without any virtual updates.

Having said that, here’s Natalia Velez getting bootylicious and unleashing the uber hotness in a brand spanking new photoshoot for Cupido’s lingerie. This is just pure perfection my friends… Enjoy!