6 Aug 2013

Natalia Siwiec will leave you brainwashed

Hubba, hubba! One of my favorite Polish supermodels and one of the hottest, sweetest and most.. likeable babes of all time, Natalia Siwiec, is busting out her drool inducing curves once again and looking like the definition of ‘drop dead sexy’ while posing for the brand new lingerie collection from Ewa Bien.

For those of us not visually challenged or impaired, it’s quite obvious from any of these photos that this foxy lady looks amazing from head to toe, from front to back and from every angle you could think of. That bodacious bosom, those killer legs, the lovely tush and those mesmerizing eyes and lips.. everything about this girl just screams for attention. And I’m screaming right now; hoochie mama!

Now this babe is already uber hot and stunning as hell to being with, but she jumps to unbelievable levels of hotness whenever she’s posing in skimpy lingerie, just like she’s doing in this awesome photoshoot. I’ve just wasted half an hour drooling like a darn fool while Natalia Siwiec dropped my jaw with her bodacious curves. This is the sexiest babe you’ll see today! Period!