1 Jun 2012

Nastya Kunskaya will knock you off your chair

What’s up mates? Are you ready for another crazy weekend ?? Yeah, I can’t believe it’s June already either, but… that means we’re about to see a lot more gals prancing around in bikinis on the streets pretty damn soon (I’m not talking to those lucky bastards that live in areas where it’s warm and sunny all year round – I still hate ’em).

Speaking of bikinis and summer, Russian hottie Nastya Kunskaya recently showed off her ridiculously hot body for the newest beachwear collection from a company called Dive D’Estate and.. that seems like the best photoshoot to jump start your engines today.

She’s looking pretty darn sexy in here and I’m actually really impressed by this photoshoot but for the love of god, why is she making those awkward faces? I think this is the third photoshoot I see with her looking uber sexy, and a bit weird in the same time, and it’s all because of those crazy faces she’s making. This peach would be a total smokeshow if she’d just act natural and smile to the camera a bit. Do you agree?