30 Aug 2012

Nastya Kunskaya will add some spice to your life

Here’s Russian supermodel and super babe Nastya Kunskaya doing what she probably does best for the new lingerie and beachwear collections from Parah, and that’s unleashing her drool inducing cleavage, killer stems, sexy curves and everything else that makes this babe one of the sexiest little minxes on the planet.

I still think she looks a bit crazy in some of these photos but.. that’s crazy hot which is a major turn on. Probably that’s why the guys at Parah wanted her to pose like this, because, let’s face it, normal studio photos are usually pretty damn boring and these pics are just something else..

These are some of the sexiest and naughtiest photos I’ve ever seen with Nastya Kunskaya so I’m going to end this one here and let the photos do the rest of the talking. Time to drool!