26 Jan 2012

Nadal overcomes Federer to go to the Aussie finals

Nadal and Federer have a long history of rivalry against each other, and it was a clash of two amazingly talented players in the men’s singles semi-finals match of the Australian Open. Nadal has consistently outplayed Federer in their match ups, and it was no different story in the semi-final, where Nadal outscored Federer  6-7 (5), 6-2, 7-6 (5), 6-4 for his ticket to the finals.

The win came after Nadal was unsure if he could continue in the tournament after he hurt his knee a couple weeks ago. He managed to fight through the pain, looking as nimble and quick on the court as ever, rushing to cover the baseline and then push an attack with determination and agility.

Federer made a few mistakes that were hard to recover from, and seemed distracted by the Australia day fireworks that were scheduled to interrupt match for 10 minutes.  The crowd went wild for the back and forth action, with fans seemingly split evenly as they chanted the names of the two greats.

Nadal is one of my favorite players to watch on the court, and the final is set to be an amazing game. Don’t miss it!