11 Apr 2017

The Mystery Behind Kamar-Taj: Is it A Real Place Or Not?

If you have seen the recent movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Doctor Strange The Sorcerer Supreme – then you might have seen the majestic spiritual and soulful sanctuary of the Ancient One (Doctor Strange’s teacher played by the talented actress Tilda Swinton) called Kamar-Taj located upon the highlands in the Himalayas in the northern region of Nepal where it is believed to be the location of our world’s Kundalini.


And if you are as curious and drawn by the idea of travelling there and learn the ways of the ancient master like me, then it also have occurred to you to ask yourself if Kamar-Taj the sanctuary of the Ancient One is real…Well here is the deal lads, although it is true that in going to Tibet you will have the chance of learning and practicing the stuff that the Marvel superhero had attained in his journey there, however Kamar-Taj itself is sadly a fictional place that is specially made for the story of Doctor Strange (but it is true that the ancient masters of the deeper wisdom and hidden knowledge resides in Tibet all you need to do is have the dedication and patience to look for them).

Although Kamar-Taj is a fictional place you can still manage to visit the places that consisted the creation of the movie version of the Ancient One’s sanctuary and treat this article as your travel guide if ever you plan to go backpacking there with your friends.  The sanctuary proper or the building of the Kamar-Taj itself was shot at the Pashupatinath Temple, a sacred place for Hindus residing in Tibet ( just a word of caution if you are a non-Hindu you might not be able to visit the place since the locals there are a wee bit serious about its sacredness that they are quite particular with the people that visit the temple). Some part of the sanctuary of the Ancient One was also shot in the Swayambunath Temple a pilgrimage site for buddhists is found along the valley of Kathmandu. And lastly the Patan Durbar Square a UNESCO World Heritage Site found in Lapitur, known for its red brick Newa architecture, where also some of the scene in the movie were shot before it was severely damaged in 2015; regardless of its condition today it still have some of its fascinating wonders intact.