16 Feb 2013

Mr. Martini Flash Back America Ducati 1098R

Bike customizers from all over the world have often had an affinity for the Ducati 1098R and this motorcycle seems to have gained even more interest lately, so now we can feast our eyes on a wonderful version built by the Italian custom bike builder Mr. Martini.

He called his offspring “Ducati Flash Back America” and he added a lot more than just new looks to the pack. The exhaust system was upgraded with a Zard hand built model, the headlight is a Harley Davidson Fatboy and the seat is also custom made. The colors are a blend of red and gold with black as the predominant.

The finished product looks miles away from the original and thus it is bound to draw a strong reaction from its viewers. This custom bike was built for a client in California and it offers an extra punch along with a vintage steampunk look that is perfect for any hardcore biker.