14 Aug 2017

Mouthwatering French Crepes Series: Herbed Crepe (1 of 2)

I love having comfort foods. And to be honest with you lads, almost of the meals that I have in a day (even during in between meals and midnight). I do not care if other so called “health conscious” people would say how imbalanced my eating practices is because I believe in a more soulful approach in food. And when you are eating soulfully like with what I am doing, you are allowing yourself to have deeper relationship with food which eventually allow you to have a healthier and most satisfactory diet.

Herbed Crepe

Speaking of soulfully healthy comfort food, one the known light comfort food staple that you may found in every references is French crepe. For starters having a crepe allows you to mix and match all your food choices and it is relatively flexible (it can be taken as a dessert, an appetizer, and even a one dish meal). Only your imagination would be the defining limit or factor in creating your own personalized crepe. With that same spirit we are going to be devoting a two part French crepe series so that you can have an idea on how to make your own personal crepe at home, whether it be savory or sweet.

In today’s recipe I am going to be showing you how to create a savory herbed French crepe. So let us go ahead and get started.


Two eggs



Melted Butter

A cup of flour

One fourth cup butter


Freshly cracked pepper

Fresh parsley

Fresh chives

Cheese slices (any cheese of your preference would suffice)

Sliced ham

Roasted or baked asparagus

Freshly chopped coriander


*Make the herbed crepe mixture by mixing the following ingredients in a blender or a food processor: two eggs, milk, water, melted butter, flour, salt freshly cracked pepper, parsley and chives. Blend the mixture until it smoothen. Strain it. Transfer to a bowl.

*In a medium high pan melt some butter, and evenly fry your crepe. Flip it over once the sides started to loosen up or get a bit crispy on the edges. Set aside.

*Assemble your crepe by filling it up with cheese slices, slices of ham and few pieces of roasted or baked asparagus. Fold it up and sprinkle freshly chopped coriander.