26 Oct 2010

Monika Pietrasinska will make your heads explode

Monika Pietrasinska lingerie 1

Here at Brosome we waste a lot of time everyday gawking at hotties from all over the world and today we’ve just bumped into a couple of screaming hot lingerie pics with a Polish hottie. Monika Pietrasinska is her name and even though it’s pretty damn hard to spell, it’s a name to remember.

She’s way hotter than her name and she’s a bit more than a regular lingerie model. From what I found out, she’s born in a great year, 1987 (same as I, that’s why it’s great, got it?) and until now she posed for a couple of famous lingerie designers.

She even showed off her groovy curves leaving very little to the imagination in her country’s most popular mens magazine: The Polish CKM and now we’ve got a photoshoot that will blow your mind with this amazing Polish hotness.

Here’s Monika Pietrasinska unleashing her stupendous body for the latest collection of Anais Lingerie in a couple of pictures that will make you drool like a zombie!