30 Apr 2013

Monika Pietrasinska unleashing her bodacious curves

Holy freakin’ pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows; I’m pretty sure you’re going to love me for this post. Here’s the bodacious Monika Pietrasinska, who was once “my love from Poland”, showing off her ridiculously awesome body and looking like a sexy little minx while posing for the newest lingerie collection from Axami.

Hot damn, if these photos won’t take your breath away in just a matter of seconds then.. I really don’t have a clue what will. Every inch of her body makes you go gaga instantly but it’s her wonderful bosom that gets me squirming in my chair right now. I’ve probably gawked at thousands of photos of this peach and I was speechless every.single.time!

Since you’re not even reading this right now, I’m gonna stop here and let you guys and gals enjoy the show. Make sure to check out the related articles below for even more of this girl’s hotness.