10 Jun 2013

Monika Pietrasinska unleashing a brutal attack on all men

Mother of Mercy! The adorably Polish supermodel Monika Pietrasinska is once again unleashing an atomic bomb of uber sexiness, killer curves, drool inducing poses, and mind blowing cleavage in a brand spanking new lingerie photoshoot for the new collection from “Lupo Line”. So, all male specimens, beware!

Sigh.. this screaming hot bombshell is looking like a sexy little minx while she’s showing off her rollercoaster curves in lingerie, doing everything right to get me to drool over her and it’s  more than enough for a total gush fest. I’m pretty speechless right now.. if these photos won’t take your breath away in just a matter of seconds then I really don’t know what will. Every inch of her body makes you go gaga instantly but it’s her wonderful bosom that gets me squirming in my chair right now.

Words cannot do these photos justice, and that probably goes for any photos you’ll find with this Polish sensation already posted here that should keep you occupied for at least an hour or so.

That’s it, enough with the blabbing! But, please remember, excessive viewing may be detrimental to your health!