2 Mar 2012

Monika Pietrasinska poses in lingerie, drops my jaw doing so

Wow, wow and wow! It seems like it has been forever since we’ve seen our favorite Polish supermodel, the screaming hot Monika Pietrasinska, unleash her rollercoaster curves in sexy lingerie so.. you can imagine how damn happy I was this morning when I’ve found these brand spanking new photos of Monika looking totally drop dead sexy in lingerie.

So.. here’s this bodacious Polish bombshell doing what she does best for the new collection of Hamana lingerie, and as you can clearly see, what it is that she does best is looking ridiculously hot 24/7. I bet this girl’s makes everyone’s jaw drop even when she’s doing a simple act such as shopping for groceries but when you get to see her in lingerie.. then my friends it’s a sign the day is freaking awesome.

I think I’ve drooled over hundreds of photos with Monika Pietrasinska in these last years and I still can’t get enough of her. She’s just.. oozing sexiness from every inch of her body and that’s exactly why I love every new photoshoot with this girl. Enjoy!