28 Nov 2011

Monika Pietrasinska: more hotness than you can handle

It’s been a looong time (twenty six days to be  more exact) since the last time we’ve had the privilege of drooling over new photos of my favorite Polish supermodel, the screaming hot Monika Pietrasinska but.. guess what? That’s exactly what you’re going to see right now, a brand spanking new lingerie photoshoot with this peach.

So here’s Monika Pietrasinska looking like a sexy little minx once again in a bunch of new photos for thew newest collection of Vova Lingerie. Now it’s not like you needed another reason to realize how ridiculously stunning this girl is but seeing Monika in hotness amplifying lingerie should definitely convince you on how amazing she is.

I loved this girl ever since I’ve seen the first photoshoot with her so you’ll probably understand why I’m going to say that this photoshoot totally made my day. I like every inch of this girl, even with that crazy haircut from some of these photos. Enjoy!