3 Nov 2010

Monika Pietrasinska is so damn hot you may stop breathing

Monika Pietrasinska Boccara 1

A couple of weeks ago we’ve first posted a drool inducing lingerie photoshoot with probably the hottest babe from Poland, Monika Pietrasinska, and judging by the views and emails I got from you guys, you were all over this peach and wanted to see more of her. So we have some good news for you. There’s more of her. A lot more.

Here’s Monika Pietrasinska looking drop dead sexy while modeling some amazing Boccara lingerie to make us all go “holy banana” in a matter of seconds. I would absolutely love my Brazilian model girlfriend to wear this lingerie instead of prancing around my place naked all time time. So annoying.

Or maybe I’ll just change her with Monika. That would be great. Anyway, back to this bodacious peach and her hotness amplifying lingerie. I think there are like… 50 pics in this photoshoot so I guess you should take a day off and just feast your eyes on this girl’s delicious body. I’m going to do that.