2 Dec 2011

Monika Pietrasinska is perfection. And now she’s 24.

Are you guys sick and tired of drooling over ridiculously sexy photos of Monika Pietrasinska? No ?? That’s great, ’cause neither am I and that’s exactly what you’re going to see today once again..  But first, since I’m probably this girl’s number one fan, I knew that today it’s her birthday so I guess we should all say a big “Happy Birthday” to this peach!

Gosh, I loved this girl from day one, when I discovered a couple of images with this gorgeous brunette bombshell from Poland and didn’t even know who she was. Then I’ve discovered her name, then I’ve found more and more jaw dropping photos with her and now she’s even compared to some of the world’s hottest models which she truly deserves.

Sigh… this babe absolutely rocks from head to toe, and from ever angle, eh? Love her. So, to celebrate her birthday, we’ve found this drool inducing lingerie photoshoot with Monika Pietrasinska that I’m sure you haven’t seen yet. Here she is unleashing her hotness for the newest collection of lingerie from Irall. Enjoy and once again, happy birthday!