13 May 2011

Monika Pietrasinska in lingerie is a scorching hot sight

Aaaand… get ready because what you’re about to see right now will knock you off your chair !!! If you’re a regular reader of the site, then you most definitely know how much I dig Polish sensation Monika Pietrasinska, right? Hell, even if you’re a casual reader you probably caught me gushing over her on quite a few inappropriate occasions. And now she’s back in our minds and dreams!

Sigh, we couldn’t have asked for a more amazing way to end the week. Monika has officially become my crush last year and you can clearly see why by just one look at any one of these sizzling photos. I don’t even have to tell you how freaking hot she is because you don’t really need words to confirm that.

This girl’s body is one of the most drool inducing images on the planet and whenever you get to see a new gallery with her in lingerie or bikinis, you can consider yourself lucky. And today… we have a special treat for you guys. Here’s the always stunning Monika Pietrasinska showing off her groovy curves in a breathtaking photoshoot for Hamana lingerie.

Some of the photos are a bit nsfw but heck, it’s weekend, no one works during weekends, right? Enjoy!