3 Sep 2012

Monica Cruz looking like an atomic bomb of hotness

Here’s the younger and sexier sister of Penelope Cruz, the lovely Monica Cruz, who was already screaming hot to begin with, looking waaaay hotter than you’ve ever seen her and definitely looking waay naughtier than ever thanks to these breathtaking lingerie photos from Agent Provocateur. 

Say with me my friends… hoochie mama! If these photos won’t go straight to your desktop’s background then.. I don’t know what will. She’s so amazing that I almost forgot that her sister Penelope is still considered by a lot of people one of the world’s most gorgeous women. Yeah, she’s amazing, but Monica is ten times hotter than her (if you ask me) and, when you get to see her in fancy lingerie, she’s just.. beyond stunning.

Now these pics were released a couple of weeks ago but for some unknown reason I forgot to post ’em back then so.. sorry for the delay. Better late than never, right? I’m sure you’ll enjoy the hell out of these ridiculously sexy photos.