8 Jun 2011

Monica Apor is yet another Brazilian supermodel

Celebrity hotties were pretty boring today so we’ve decided to focus our attention on a couple of smoking hot girls you’ve probably never heard of today. Whenever someone says “Brazilian”and “model” in the same sentence, you just know they’re talking about a drop dead gorgeous girl and Monica Apor surely fits that description.

She’s another breathtaking girl from this country who proves once again that some of the world’s most amazing women come from Brazil. Here she is doing what she does best.. and that’s unleashing her bodacious curves for the newest issue of the Brazilian Maxim magazine.

Is she freaking hot or what? She has the right curves in all the right places and a certain gaze in her eyes that could make any of us melt in a matter of seconds. The quality of these pics isn’t too great but they’re good enough to see how stunning this girl is. Enjoy