20 Sep 2013

Modular Kayaks are the new Lego

Have you guys ever heard of modular kayaks? Well, don’t sweat it; neither have I. Bur Point 65 have taken upon  themselves to make this notion popular among them adrenaline junkies.  Should be interesting ,ar at least fun putting this together; it’s like Lego, but for grown-ups – as if I don’t play with Lego sets anymore. Moving on!

The Modular Kayaks feature an innovative snap-tap solution, allowing you to snap apart and re-assemble in only a few seconds. You may also find it interesting that you can add a mid piece and transform the kayak into a expedition tandem – so you can bring a friend and swim together!

The Modular Kayaks also feature two watertight compartments – for your gear – foot pedals, cup holders and a comfortable seat & back pad. After exploring, you just simply take it apart and easily place it in the trunk of your car. Though, I wonder: if you’re really far away from that said trunk, how heavy are the parts? Are you able to carry them around with you on dry land? If so, it would be a considerably useful tool for survival in case you’re lost or stranded.

The Modular Kayaks are definitely fun, at least interesting and surely innovative. Check it out!