24 Jan 2012

Mobikoma is a.. Tablet Phone or Phone Tablet?

We’ve featured a lot of awesome gadgets in here over time but this is one of the coolest you’ll ever see. A wicked concept phone named Mobikoma which is a phone tablet based on modules which fasten to each other via micro locks. It already sounds pretty damn cool, right?

Well, it gets better. Each of these modules will have their own power supply and computing processor but they’re based when you use them together as a phone or as a mini tablet as well. There are two specific elements for SIM storage with phone memory and microphone which are distinguished with fancy etchings on the back.

From these two elements you could basically design a mini cell phone, from 18 modules you could have a full cell phone and from 54 you could even have a tablet computer. Some of these modules could come with programmed buttons while other could have no buttons at all.

So.. what do you think? Is Mobikoma freaking cool or what? Is it a tablet phone or a phone tablet?

[via Luxatic]