21 Jul 2017

Miss Peregrine: Types and Blends Of Pipe Tobaccos (2 of 2)

In order for us to fully understand the penchant of Miss Peregrine with the man ritual of smoking a bowl full of tobacco, as well as truly appreciate the act of smoking a pipe ourselves it is imperative that we know the different sorts and blends of tobacco that are specifically made for smoking a bowl.

miss peregrine smoking pipe

For those who are quite unfamiliar with this sort of discriminate yet artful smoking or at least a beginning smoker who is rather serious in practicing this manly ritual this article will surely be useful to you. And if you think that smoking commercial cigarettes, cigars, and pipe smoking are the same then you better re-evaluate your thinking.

Varieties Of Pipe Tobacco

There are three varieties of pipe tobaccos the aromatic, English blend, and non-aromatic.  The English blend is probably the purest pipe tobacco variety that you will ever taste for it has no additives or aromatics involved in the making of it and are mostly mixed with Oriental tobaccos. Non-aromatic is plain old fermented tobacco which utilizes its flavor derivation through its natural way of aging. Aromatic sorts of pipe tobacco are those that have casings or additives giving your pipe smoking a zing.

Blending Tobaccos

Now your pipe smoking experience will not be complete without the proper mixture of the very tobacco that you are going to be loading inside your bowl. So here are the main ingredients of the tobacco blends that makes your smoking more tasteful.

Blending tobaccos have five variations the Virginia, Burley, Bright, and Cavendish (which is divided into to two sub variation Black Cavendish and Navy Cavendish. The first type of blending tobacco is Virginia usually comes into red, orange, and black; this blending tobacco is the mildest blending tobacco which incidentally has the most natural sugar content. It lights easy and produce a good burn. Bright tobaccos on the other hand have a very mild flavor and is grown in the Carolinas according to experts.

Burley is somewhat has a thicker leaf than Virginia yet have a nutty and soft flavor that never bite the tongue, and burns slowly. Cavendish is always mistaken for a type of tobacco leaf but in truth it is a sort of curing and cutting method for pipe smoking.