7 Oct 2010

Miranda Kerr’s tight little body is out of this world

Miranda Kerr VS Holiday Lingerie 1

The lingerie bonanza from Victoria’s Secret continues today with a new wonderful photoshoot featuring Miranda Kerr. We all know this peach is one of the sexiest and cutest girls on the face of the planet at the moment and that’s just enough to hate Orlando Bloom but he still has my respect for getting this girl.

Here’s Miranda Kerr unleashing her usual hotness in lingerie for Victoria’s Secret and looking way hotter than she has the right to look. It’s just not fair to be this hot, not fair for women from all over the world. How could I look at my girl and tell her she’s hot when I’ve just gawked at pics with Miranda in lingerie earlier that day?

As some of you guys now, I’m a pretty big fan of this peach and starring at her half naked body in lingerie is what I’d love to do all day long. I don’t know if it’s the lighting or the lingerie but this photoshoot is one of the best I’ve seen with Miranda.

Enjoy these pics because we won’t be seeing too much of her hotness in the future. She’s going to be come soon a sweet mom and probably these lingerie photos were taken a couple of months ago.