9 Aug 2012

Miranda Kerr’s sexiness is out of this world

Whoa, as you guys and gals have probably noticed already, two things that I totally dig in life are bikinis and Miranda Kerr. And when you add the two for a brand spanking new Victoria’s Secret swimwear photoshoot, then my friends, you should get ready for a total gush fest. Good lord, does she look absolutely divine or what !?

Believe it or not, I think I’ve gushed over thousands of ridiculously sexy photos of Miranda by now, but I’m still surprised and totally mesmerized any time I see a new one. She looks freaking adorably hot in every single photo you’ll find with her and in bikinis she’s just close to perfection.

You might think that Orlando Bloom became pretty damn famous for appearing in those movies we all know but… I’m going to say that his biggest achievement in life was getting this girl. Hot damn, she’s just beyond stunning. Enjoy!