18 Jan 2013

Miranda Kerr struts her sexy little curves in lingerie

Hello sunshine !!! Here’s one of the hottest women in the world right now, right now being at least the past 5 years and counting, the adorably hot Miranda Kerr, dropping everyone’s jaw with a bodacious display of sexy cleavage, mind blowing poses and one hell of a perfect little body in… Victoria’s Secret lingerie, of course.

Hoochie mama! This is just the first time we have the privilege of drooling over this girl’s mesmerizing curves in 2013 and.. what a great first time it is. If there’s one thing that’s even hotter than Miranda Kerr posing in a couple of sexy bikinis, it’s definitely this super hottie showing off her lovely lady lumps in lingerie. Am I right or what ?

This photoshoot has exactly thirty two photos so, since you’re not even reading this right now, I’m going to let pics do the rest of the talking for me. Enjoy the hotness and try not to droll all over yourselves, ok?