3 Aug 2012

Miranda Kerr looking like a hot little minx yet again

Whoa, I really can’t think of a better way to jump start your engines in this lovely Friday other than sharing with you guys and gals these brand spanking new photos from David Jones with the drop dead sexy Miranda Kerr prancing around in all sorts of skimpy little outfits from their new summer collection, especially in sexy lingerie.

Now we’re all used to drooling over this uber babe in skimpy lingerie and sexy bikinis but we’re definitely not used to seeing her looking like a naughty little minx in all sorts of sexy outfits she’d probably wear on a casual summer day. Yeah, the lingerie shots from this photoshoot are the most awesome, but the other pics are almost as hot as those…

That’s probably because Miranda can make anything look sexy.. Hoochie mama! Enjoy the ridiculously sweet photos and the cool videos from David Jones below as well.