24 Jun 2010

Miranda Kerr in a bikini will make you hate your girlfriend

Miranda Kerr swimwear 1

Here’s uber cute supermodel Miranda Kerr showing everyone what the definition of sexy really is in these amazing bikini pictures. Now I’m not sure when was this photoshoot taken or what is it for but what I’m sure of is that Miranda looks freaking hot in these pictures.

She’s back and she brought along her usual doze of uber hotness and even though I’ve gushed over this peach and her photos dozens of times, she still manages to impress us with these pics.

We included not one, but two amazing photoshoots with Miranda for your viewing pleasure and even though I think these are like 2 months old, they’re still something great to view.

So… here’s the cutest supermodel, Miranda Kerr, showing off her tight little body in some amazing bikinis.