25 Aug 2017

Milkshake Madness: Coffee And Doughnuts (3 of 4)

Hello there chaps? Hope your blood sugar level is at its manageable level, for we are just reaching the climax of our four part milkshake recipe series to die for. This milkshake recipe that we have for you today is what my friends consider to be the milkshake that our respected police officers would go crazy for.

Coffee and Donuts Milkshake

Well for starters, this milkshake recipe contains two of things that every police officer would love to have during their patrols: doughnuts and coffee. And of course, not to mention the fact that it has a lot of sweetness and caffeine in it that mug full of it is suffice to keep you awake for hours.

Now without further ado here is the third milkshake recipe in our drink series that you ought to try in your man cave – the coffee and doughnut milkshake.


Milk (chilled)

Frozen Coffee Ice Cream

Shot glass full of brewed strong espresso

Mini sugar glazed doughnuts

Cinnamon powder


Whipped cream

Simple syrup

Gelatin powder



*In a properly chilled blender put in your chilled milk and gelatin powder together some simple syrup, shot glass full of brewed espresso, pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon powder. Blend all the ingredients until it reached a slightly thick consistency. Set it aside in a separate container and have it chilled for a minute or two.

*Once your spicy coffee flavored gelatin and milk mixture have properly set, blend it with some generous scoop of your favorite frozen coffee ice cream until all the flavors have been distributed properly.

*When the ice cream mixture is set add in several pieces of sugar glazed mini doughnuts or beignets if you prefer and blend it together. Once the mixture well blended, serve it into your favorite man cave mug and top it up with some whipped cream. Enjoy!