24 Mar 2010

Mila Kunis looking all kinds of hot as usual in GQ

Mila Kunis GQ 1

Just yesterday I wrote that Mila Kunis is the perfect relationship girl if you would ask me and today we found her incredible photoshoot from the April edition of GQ Magazine where she looks adorably hot and will convince you I was totally right !

I had a crush for this babe ever since I’ve seen the first movie with her and her amazing hotness is just enough to make any day a lot better. I think she’s a bit underrated because we don’t see as much photos with her as we see with other babes but she’s ranked pretty well in a lot of lists with the sexiest women in the world.

Thank god the guys from GQ decided it’s time to show us a new stunning pictorial with Mila Kunis and seeing her in that skimpy little dress and her amazing cleavage is just what we wanted. These pictures are not hot, they are truly hot!