2 Dec 2009

Mila Kunis is my kind of super hot babe

Mila Kunis blackbook 1

I’ve had a thing for Mila Kunis ever since I’ve seen her in a sort of comedy called Moving McAllister a couple of years ago. The movie sucked but Mila was absolutely gorgeous and I became pretty addicted on her right after the movie ended. I started to search for more and more pictures and I was completely impressed by her.

She’s got that uber cute side with a sweet smile and gorgeous eyes that will surely make you fall for her but she also has a stunning body ready to come out from those tight clothes. This chick is my type of relationship material and every new photoshoot with her makes my day.

So… you can’t imagine how happy I was today when I’ve seen a new sexy pictorial with her. The guys from BlackBook magazine made an amazing photoshoot with Mila Kunis where she’s showing off her groovy curves.