2 Jan 2012

Michelle Vawer looks uber cute doing absolutely anything

Hellooo sunshine! Here’s a hottie most of you guys and gals probably still don’t know yet, the lovely Michelle Vawer, doing what she does best, I guess, which is… looking so darn cute in hurts while modeling the newest collection of swimwear from Bloomingdales.

Now I’ve posted quite a few photos of this cutie in the past months, from her in skimpy lingerie to another drool inducing swimwear shoot and.. I’d be pretty disappointed if you still don’t have a clue who is this peach. If that’s the case, all we could tell you is that she’s an up and coming American model with the right curves in all the right places to make you shiver.

This girl looks uber cute in every single photo you’ll find with her and.. that’s exactly the case in this new photoshoot as well. Probably that’s why I’m gushing this much over her right now. Having said, I’m gonna leave you guys to the most important part.. enjoying these wonderful photos!